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At any given time of our life, we’ve all been victims of toothaches regardless of our dental hygiene. While regular brushing and flossing do play an important role in our oral health, there are other factors that contribute to tooth decay, one of the leading cause is the consumption of junk foods. The acid and sugar in these foods tend to erode your enamel, which is the outer protective layer of your teeth, the enamel cannot be restored once the damage is done.

Steps you can take to avoid dental problems

For starters, it’s better to have a sip of water every time you have your favorite crisps, this can remove any remaining food that’s stuck on your teeth. Try to avoid carbonated beverages such as coke and Pepsi and substitute them with fresh juices, these are much healthier and contains fewer calories. If you must have carbonated drinks, then use a straw so that the drink has less contact with your teeth, this way you can still drink it and there’s a minimal risk of tooth erosion. Replace milk chocolates with dark chocolates and try sucking on sugar-free hard candies or gum. This will increase the production of saliva and keep your mouth moist, a dry mouth can also cause problems in your mouth. But at times despite all these productive measures you take, you still can’t help but wake up with a sharp pang and have to rush to the nearest available dental clinic and find out that a cavity has been forming silently over the months and you didn’t catch it early on as you’ve been skipping all your dental appointments lately. It is at this point, that you realize that a much regular dental checkup could have resulted in an early detection of a cavity and thus could have saved you a lot of pain and money.

Furthermore, dentists can also help detect other dental problems such as a chipped tooth, gum problems, misaligned or overcrowded teeth and provide advice on ways to improve your oral hygiene routine.In the case of overcrowded or crooked teeth, an orthodontics Armadale treatment would be required. There are several types of these procedures available, your orthodontist will be able to figure out which one would be the right treatment plan for you based on your condition.Remember to take the necessary precautions in order to maintain your teeth and have a follow-up plan with your dentist. Your teeth are just as important as any other part of your body.

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