What Can You Do To Prevent Sciatica

Although there are several different types of sciatica cases and all of these have different levels. There are some cases in which the sciatica treatment is not preventable but in mild cases it is possible to prevent the sciatica treatment. If you are pregnant or you have some genetic disk problem then it is not possible to avoid this disease. In this cases it is very much necessary to get a proper medical treatment of this disease but if the reason is just the compression of the sciatica nerve then there are some things which might be considered before you go for treatment. Visit this link https://www.tsic.com.au/your-injury-now/spine-torso-injury/sciatica for more info on sciatica treatment Melbourne.

First thing is to stretch your muscles, lift your back, legs and hips. Go for a short walk which would help your muscles to regain its position. Second take care of your diet and do not consume such things which promote the degeneration of the disc such as smoking.  Make a regular habit of exercising and go for it every day. This activities will provide strength to your body muscles and help you get better in days.  Whenever you stand sit or even lay down always maintain a posture that do not apply pressure on the nerve but stretch it. Do not sit or lay down for a longer period but try to be in motion as much as you.

In case your pain does not go off even with all these precautions and preventions then you should see a doctor and should act on his advice. He may ask you to change your exercise or ask you to get some physical therapy from some certified physio Mornington. There could be number of causes of the sciatica. Most of these factors are related to the daily routine of ours.

Sometimes our occupation is the cause for it. If you are a computer operator and your job is to sit on the chair for all day from 9 to 5 then there is high chance that this give rise to a back pain as you are in the same posture for a long time which causes tension in your muscles as a result of which these get stretched. Another reason is the obesity which means that your weight is too much that it is putting pressure on your spine and therefore your nerves are compressing. However, another factor is age. When you get old your muscles and other body parts loose their strength and you suffer from such kind of pains.